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May 23, 2020


Shopping for your bridesmaid dresses can be a stressful experience  but at Nikki's Glitz and Glam Boutique in Palm harbor our experts do their very best to make it as easy as possible for everyone involved. We carry amazing dress lines like Bill Levkoff and Allure Bridesmaids you can choose from many different styles, fabrics and colors! The store is big enough that we can adhere to social distancing so that our customers are farther away from each other. Our priority is the safety of the employees and customers. In the time of corona timelines are skewed so waiting for the perfect moment to shop isn't really the best option.  The fun part about shopping for bridesmaids dresses is that you can decide if you want to have matching bridesmaids dresses all in the same color and fabric or if you want to have the same color and fabric in different styles. Or you can mix and match your fabric and colors to coincide with your wedding colors. There's a plethora of fun fashionable options to try. We can assist with setting up facetime or zoom calls with your bridesmaids if they all aren't able to come to the store to shop. We want to make this a fun easy experience even with the pressures of the coronavirus. 


Your consultant will ask you some questions about your wedding day and how you want it to feel. The vision you have for your bridesmaid will tell your consultant a lot and help them pull great options the more pictures and examples you have the better ! If you are going the route of having all your bridesmaids wear the same color you want to order all of the dresses at the same time. This way the dresses are made from the same dye lot and there are no discrepancies in the color of the dresses. 


If you have bridesmaids from all over the country we recommend coming in with one or two of your local friends or bridesmaids and picking out a few styles they can choose from that way they have options  that are pre approved by you. Once we have the correct measurements we can order all the dresses together time is of the essence! The bride taking control of the selection process insures cohesiveness and that your vision comes to life. 


Brides keep in mind that you want your bridesmaids dresses to  compliment your wedding dress not clash with it. You have to be careful that the bridesmaids don't look like replicas of your gown but also like they belong in our wedding. Just keep in mind elements of your dress if you have a more modern than traditional wedding dress then that's the kind of look you want to go for with your bridesmaids dresses. 


What you want to avoid in your efforts for a cohesive look is copying the most memorable details of your gown. For example if your dress has an amazing low back or if a beaded belt is the most eye catching detail you don't want the bridesmaids dresses to mimic that. Go for elements like embellishments but in different places then the one on your gown or dresses with similar necklines. 


While there are many factors that go into choosing your bridesmaids dresses the most important one is that you're happy with the choice or choices you've made. Make sure you if you are going the route of different dresses that you see them all together and make sure you can visualize the look you want on your wedding day. 


We can't wait to help you and your bridal party find the beautiful bridesmaids dresses for your special day. 

XO, Nikki's