Bridal Entourage or Bridal Sabotage ?

Bridal Entourage or Bridal Sabotage ?. Mobile Image

Aug 28, 2019

Wedded bliss starts with the kiss after you say I do. But the journey to the alter is a long one. Its filled with excitement, anxiety and love. A bride goes through a myriad of emotions on her way to the alter. One of the biggest moments of wedding planning and maybe the most emotional is finding the gown you’re going to say I do in.The amazing Bridal Consultant’s at all of our Nikki’s Glitz and Glam locations are well equipped to go on that emotional journey with you. A Wedding gown is the most self-expressive garment you’ll ever wear. Dress shopping is an integral part of planning the event. Your dress will either come before or after your venue and it all needs to be taken into consideration. 



Does a ballgown belong at your ceremony on the beach or a cathedral train at an outdoor wedding? Dress and venue play off of each other either the dress works for the venue or the venue works for the dress. When you are ready to find your wedding gown bringing guest is great! Nikki’s carries many great designers for the modern bride or the traditional bride.



But make sure you bring people who want to celebrate this huge moment with you and uplift you. Honesty is a great quality in the members of your entourage. But if someone’s going to bring you down when you’re having a special moment they don’t need to come to your appointment. Too many opinions can be confusing and too little can be not helpful if you want reassurance in your pick. But at the end of the day you’ll know your dress when you put it on. The chorus won’t sing, the clouds wont part and you may not even cry. But you’ll feel a swell of emotion and you will feel like a bride. Most of all you will feel beautiful and confident don’t let anyone take that moment away from you. At Nikki’s Tampa Bridal stores, you are sure to find your dream dress. And when you say yes, we will ring the bell and celebrate with you and your guest! 


                                                                    Xo, Nikki’s