Designer Spotlight: Sophia Thomas

Designer Spotlight: Sophia Thomas. Mobile Image

Oct 31, 2020

Designer Spotlight:

Sophia Thomas



      The year 2020 has brought us so many tragedies as well as setbacks in the world of bridal fashions its nice to see that it has also brought us something beautiful. An up and coming bridal designer on the rise. Nikki's Glitz and Glam welcomes our newest designer Sophia Thomas. This label is a modern, luxurious and elegant look into bridal fashions and we are lucky to be the first to carry their line of bridal gowns. I'm so excited as a stylist to have new dresses to sell but a new designer is an even more exciting tool. 


“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 



This modern romantic star gown is a beautiful take on a bridal gown with some attitude. It is filled with gorgeous detail and has an effortless flow. Dresses like this is why Sophia Thomas is a designer to look out for! 


Styles like this are daring and sexy, a different take on the traditional bridal gown. Modern brides that want something a little sexier but still with that bridal feel should look at Sophia Thomas gowns. They make bold design decisions and execute them to perfection.

But they also know a little bit of traditional goes a long way with some brides. There's something for everyone in their new line from sleek gowns with clean lines to the most intricate of wedding dresses. We can't wait to see what this designer on the rise has in store for its next bridal collection. 




 What style appeals to you modern and playful, sexy and trendy or this romantic minimalist gown ? 

Sophia Thomas is our designer of the week but also a designer on the rise. 

Nikki's cant wait to get more new styles in store for our brides to try ! 

Xo, Nikkis