Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride. Mobile Image

Aug 29, 2019

The Mother of the bride is an integral part of the wedding. The mother of the bride dress is a fun buy for the bride and her mom it’s a great bonding experience. In all the stress of wedding planning helping your mother find a dress for can be a lighthearted memorable experience. The right dress for mom is one she feels the best in! Do you want mom to match the bridal party or stand out?  Does mom want a more traditional look or something sexier?  The options at Nikki’s are endless. Often times brides are almost as excited shopping for the mother’s dress as they are shopping for their own wedding gown. A traditional M.O.B dress compliments but not necessarily matches the wedding party. Most have modest necklines and long sleeves and dainty lace and light sparkle. A non-traditional M.O.B dress is form fitting and a little sexier depending on the neckline.  There are so many fun options for the adventurous mother and bride! Nikki’s Glitz and Glam carries many fabulous mother of the bride designers and most dresses can be ordered in an array of colors so mom can complement the colors of the wedding party. There are endless options between our Bay area locations that you will find the dress that makes you shine almost as bright as the bride on your childs special day.          

Non-Traditional M.O.B Dress          Traditional M.O.B Dress                  Non-Traditional M.O.B Dress       


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