Mother's Dress Shopping Tips

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Nov 30, 2020


  Mother's Dress Shopping Tips


Wear the dress appropriate for the wedding you're going to! You should be classy, elegant, and refined and better dressed then everyone but the bride and groom! We want to help you find a dress that makes you feel like a 10! Shopping for a mother's dress is a stressful situation and we want to make it a little bit easier for you! Nine times out of ten mother's want to look and feel their best on their child's wedding day. We want to make sure all of our mother's look and feel their best on their kids special day.  We make sure to buy dresses with great structure and support so that they fit the body really well by hiding perceived flaws and playing up assets. We are going to lay out our winning formula to finding the perfect mother's dress. 


Our number one tip is to have realistic expectations !

The number of times we have heard I plan on losing/ Gaining / Toning x amount of weight is insurmountable. Do not alter your self to fit the dress alter the dress to fit you. Try on styles that flatter the body you have and not the body you want to have! Many women try on styles that they like in a picture on a model and not what would actually fit there figure. Have faith in us to help you find the prettiest dress in the most flattering style. We not only want help you find a dress but one that makes you look and feel beautiful ! 


Our Second Tip is to Coordinate with the other mother!

Some Brides let the Mother's know what colors they want them to wear and others give the mom's carte blanche to choose a color. Weather or not that is the case you should coordinate with the other mother. These are photos you will have for a lifetime and they should be beautiful. You want to look like everyone was going to the same wedding. Traditionally the mother of the bride gets to choose what color to wear first and then the mother of the groom chooses. Some mother's don't mind wearing the same color and some really mind! Why cause unnecessary drama that can be avoided with a simple conversation? Maybe if possible you can all go shopping together that way no one feels under or over dressed and you know that your dresses do not match and are coordinating.


Our third tip is to have an open mind!

If you like a dress when it is too big or too small for you the chances are that when it is in your size you're going to love it! 


Our final tip is to give yourself time!

A mother's dress is not a dress you buy off the wrack that fits perfectly without alterations. It is a specialty designer dress that needs some tweaking so it fits perfectly and looks like it was made for you! These are not ready to wear department store dresses because it is not just any dress and you aren't just any guest you are the paren't of the bride or groom ! You are helping host one of the most important events in your child's lives ! You have to look the part!



If you follow tips 1-4 and shop with us at Nikki's you are guaranteed success! We have a stunning selection of mother's dresses for the traditional and non traditional mother. Nikki's has unbeatable inventory and knowledgable stylist that truly have your best interest at heart. Make an appointment soon to shop our fabulous mother's new arrivals, with different selections at both locations! We can't wait to make you sparkle.

Xo, Nikkis