Old New Borrowed Blue

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Sep 11, 2019

Rushing to get everything done in time for your wedding day. Making sure all of the little details are taken care of so your guest can enjoy the day. In your mad dash for perfection don't forget to take a breath and enjoy the moments. One of the things that your bridal party and family will help take care of is the fun tradition of something old, new, borrowed and blue. Its a fun tradition because it can make some of your family and friends feel more included on your special day. Is there a pair of vintage tiffany earrinngs in your grandmother's jewlery box you've been eyeing ? Or your sisters fabulous wedding shoe's for something blue?  Following this timeless tradition can include your fiance's culture like somethhing borrowed from his family that represents their roots or something new from his mom as a welcome gift! Here are a few great examples of each:



Something new like a tiara or maybe a necklace. It can become a family hierloom to pass down to daughters. Something new represents optimisim for the future .   


Something old maybe your grandmother's pearls or a piece of your grandfather's favorite t-shirt sewn into the under side of the dress. Something old is a great way to be able to have a piece of departed loved ones with you on your wedding day or maybe just a way to. Include older family members and make them feel more apart of the big day. Something old represents continuity. 


Something borrowed can be your mother in law's viel or even something as simple as one of your bridesmaids hair pins. The great part of this tradition is that you can interpret it to be as sentimental as you would like. You can really make the stretch and borrow perfume from a member of your family or bridal party for the day. Something borrowed reprsents borrowed happiness.


Something blue is a fun one you can take this tradition and run with it in funky ways for instance high heels with blue bottoms. Blue in your gaterbelt or undergarments is a traditional way to do it. Some brides choose to use a blue flash tattoo for an ecentric way to honor the tradition or even something as simple as blue nail polish.



Its all about the hope for the future and the sentiment behind each item. All together they make such a beautiful memory for you and the loved ones involved in puling off the tradition. Nikki's Bridal salons carry amazing bridal acessories to use for your something new and blue. Visit our Tampa Bay area bridal stores for shoes and amazing acessories and jewelry. 



  Xo, Nikki's