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Jun 20, 2020

 The decision to preserve your wedding gown is an easy one, you spent a lot of money for your dream dress. Why wouldn't you want to protect it and keep it as safe as possible and preserve its beauty? There's no reason not to, you have so many options to reuse your dress. You can pass down your wedding dress to future generations or just use parts of it later in life. Wedding dresses can be family heirlooms, the lace from the hem of your gown can be added to the edges of a veil for something old or borrowed one day. The options are endless but none of that is possible if you don't preserve your wedding gown! It’s recommended to have your gown preserved within 40 days of your wedding to make sure that stains don't set and can be lifted easily. You may have been super careful on your wedding day but the material of your wedding dress is so delicate even the sweat from your body can stain the dress even if at first it isn't showing on the dress.


You want to keep the beauty of your gown intact but also the integrity of the lace and other materials is just as important. When you send your wedding gown off to preservation just leave it to the experts. A preservation specialist is assigned to your gown and they oversee every part of the process. Wedding gowns are their passion and priority. They preservationists specialize in delicate lace and fabrics. They are more than equipped to handle the hand beading and intricate work that some bridal gowns have. They are all about the details and every preserved gown comes with a lifetime warranty.



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