Social Distance Wedding

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Jul 03, 2020


2020 has become the year of social distancing and has turned a mask into a bride's best friend. Social distancing, due to the spread of Covid-19, has forced many couples to cut their guest list in half and make some major changes while planning their wedding. Venues are operating on limited staff and have to decrease capacity by more than 40%. So some couples have had to adjust their vision of the wedding they thought they were going to have. Despite curveballs being thrown, it doesn't mean it won't be just as special! The social distancing aspect of your wedding means that you will have to take precautions to ensure the safety of your guests and yourself. Starting off with seating, having your ceremony seating 6 feet apart or without chairs so people can stand and social distance themselves allows for safe space from others. This will make your life a little easier considering you won't need as many chairs and it will make your expenses less than what was originally planned. Considering small clusters of chairs or tables instead of a long table or bench seating is a way to provide social distancing in your ceremony and reception.   


Bench Seating is a great way to social distance your guests during your wedding ceremony.

Keeping people 2 or 3 to a bench depending on the length of it is  a great way to encourage social distancing and keep your guests safe!

Also providing your guest with additional safety measures such as masks is a great way to ensure the safety of all wedding guests. 


Cutting down on the number of wedding guests in attendance to your wedding leaves room for personal touches like customized masks and hand sanitizers as wedding favors! 



Some venue's are going as far as saying no dancing to discourage people from getting too close together on the dance floor. This is a time to get creative and get everyone together with an activity that isn't a health risk like gathering on a dance floor in the time of Covid-19 is in 2020. We want to celebrate the newlyweds but also don't want to have any of the wedding guests get infected. Hiring entertainment like a comedian can take the pressure off your guest and everyone can still have a great time safely seated and distanced. Things like table trivia can be fun and interactive for guests or a performer on silks if the venue allows it ! These are fun safe ways to entertain your guests !




Having an amazing wedding day is still an option. Hiring a videographer if you hadn't already planned to is a great idea that way the people that couldn't be at the ceremony can still see your union. And you can also have someone live stream the ceremony in real time so everyone can view it as it's happening ! It's the safest way to include your entire guest list on your wedding day.


While Covid-19 may interfere with the wedding you've been dreaming of, it certainly doesn't mean your special day can't be an amazing one to remember. There are times when life certainly doesn't go as planned. That's probably the theme of this year in the wedding industry if plan A can't happen then there are plans B through G. Have contingencies available and speak with your vendors they will most likely be flexible because wedding vendors are mostly small businesses and this hits them hard too.  All in all your vendors will do their best to make sure your wedding day is not only safe but beautiful and enjoyable !


Xo , Nikkis