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Aug 26, 2019


   Your homecoming dress is a fashion statement and it’s an extension of you. After homecoming week and dressing up as everyone but yourself you get to show up to the dance as the most elevated version of you. Give yourself time to find the perfect dress. A lot of the time girls start shopping for their homecoming dress before the school year starts. In the Tampa area the hunt for the perfect dress is fierce. And it’s almost a competition to register the dress to your school so there’s a bigger chance no one else is going to have your dress in the same color.  Some girls come into Nikki’s with a clear picture of what they want, and some have an open mind when it comes to their perfect dress. The perfect dress makes you feel beautiful and confident. Nine times out of ten you’ll find that trends don’t mean much when you find the dress you love. At the end of the day you like what you like and how you feel in the dress is what really matters. Coco Chanel said it best “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” 



   Your sense of style is all your own. Getting your dress, a month or even two in advance saves you so much stress and heartache. Stress because you know you have your dress and its registered because you basically had first dibs. You can start planning everything else after that... accessories, shoes, hair and makeup. And if you’re going with a date, they get time to coordinate with you properly. And it saves you heartache because your size is still available in stores and you don’t have to go through the stress of ordering a dress and hoping it arrives in time and fits just right. The advantages of shopping early are endless. The stress of shopping later and closer to your homecoming date just isn’t worth it. Your selection is drastically minimized because you have the leftovers from people with earlier homecomings then yours and other early shoppers. Let alone finding a dress that hasn’t already been registered to your school. Its notorious that girls see their dream dress and it’s just not available in their size because they waited until the last minute. Designers only make so many of the same design and sometimes they don’t produce a dress twice. So, for peace of mind and wallet shop early. The hunt for the perfect dress is well under way and may the odds be in your favor.


                                               Xo, Nikki’s